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About the Children’s Petting Zoo

The Children’s Petting Zoo was developed by Meg, an animal lover and web enthusiast in Santa Cruz, CA. The site has been online since December, 2000. Meg has extensive experience working in libraries and as a Webmaster. Meg developed a serious illness during her last year of college, making it difficult to work. The first few months of her illness were difficult times, and her animal friends, especially a rat named Pipsqueak, helped her through the bad days. Meg decided to make the best of her situation and started thinking of ways she could work at home while dealing with her illness. She noticed that there were few quality places on the web where kids could go to share their love of animals. That was when the idea for the Children’s Petting Zoo was born.

The goal of the Children’s Petting Zoo is to provide kids with quality information- both at the site and through links- on animals. This includes information suitable for reports, information on choosing and raising healthy pets, and information about careers working with animals and organizations that support the health and well-being of animals. This site features monthly animal stories. Kids are encouraged to e-mail their animals stories to Webmaster Meg. They may be featured in a future edition of the website. The Children’s Petting Zoo, as an associate of both amazon.com and PETsMART.com , also provides an Online Store with monthly recommendations on children’s books and toys relating to a variety of animal topics.

Please support the Children’s Petting Zoo by buying products from our online store and by clicking on ads from our sponsors. Thank you!

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